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Let Denitia and Sene's "favorite." Be Your New Favourite

The duo serve up a healthy dose of relationship reality in this slick R&B pop cut.

​You know what I'm all about right now? Reality. Although "favorite." (and yes that period is purposefully placed) starts off kinda soppy and with an admittance that it is—"My favorite part of the day is when I see your face / I know it sounds cliché…"—the duo come in from left field with some real talk on the outro. Denitia's languorously layered vocals coo: "I know it won't last for a lifetime / I know it won't last." Plus, the booming minimalism the song itself keeps lyrics about inner butterflies from sounding too saccharine.


The duo—made up of Houston raised Denitia Odigie and producer/rapper Sene—are scheduled to drop their sophomore record love and noir. ​later this month. And here's another fun fact: Sene delivers a knock out performance as one of the leads in ​White Girl. ​Seriously impressive acting chops. (He's also in ​Nerve ​with Emma Roberts and the Netflix series Luke Cage.)​

But back to the music! Listen below:

Denitia and Sene's LP, Love and Noir. is out on November 18th via Imprint