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Orgasm Addict - GG Allin’s Stained Prison Walls

The first-ever collection of diaries, letters, and (most disturbingly) drawings from GG's time in the slammer is set to be released in July by Aggronautix.
June 6, 2013, 5:25pm

According to his jailhouse diary, GG Allin jerked off almost 100 times during his first 30 days in prison. It was 1989 and the outlaw scumfuck was accused of assault after he tortured a fan he met at one of his performances in Detroit. Over the course of several days, he had sex with the woman while she was handcuffed to a bed, burned her with cigarettes, and cut half-moon shapes with the jagged edge of a beer can on the bottom of her breasts. In his version of the events, it was a consensual act of outsider lovemaking. Big fucking deal. The good people of Michigan disagreed and sent the Murder Junkies frontman on an extended vacation to the Michigan Department of Corrections facility in Washtenaw County.


And that's where we find GG Allin in the hardcover, glossy, limited-edition smorgasbord of thoughts, drawings, missives, and ideas titled My Prison Walls, to be released in July by Aggronautix. Diving into the studied chaos of Allin's thoughts while he was holed up in the clink might be the best way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of GG's death. And it's a blood-splattered ride. Here's a few excerpts from his handwritten prison journal, "30 Days in the Hole," and some drawings that he and a few of his favorite serial killers made.

Enjoy sickos! And pre-order the book here.

This illustration is by Henry Lee Lucas, A.K.A. the Confession Killer, who might have killed over 600 people.

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