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What Did You Eat Today?

How do the waifs nourish themselves to withstand the dressing, undressing, strutting, and running around of New York Fashion Week? And what are the rest of us munching on to have the energy to crash all those parties and stare in silence at tons of...
February 9, 2013, 1:00pm

You may have seen those rare photos of models "scarfing" down spaghetti and cake, but no one has ever watched a human clothes hanger chow down in real life. How do the waifs nourish themselves to withstand all the dressing, undressing, strutting, and running around of New York Fashion Week? And what are the rest of us munching on to have the energy to crash all those parties and stare in silence at tons of clothes? We asked New Yorkers what they ate on day two of Fashion Week.


JUNGLEPU$$Y, entertainer: A blueberry salad for breakfast and homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch.

And dinner?
I was out in the city, and I was high and I was like, Fuck, I’m hungry!, but I didn’t really want to ball out so I had the 7-Eleven taquitos, and honestly right now I am trying to get two slices of pizza.

Do you have a New York Fashion Week late-night go-to dish?
Definitely: a blunt that would guarantee you pass out. You just need to seal off your night with a nice little spliff, a joint, something cute and then just go to bed.

Would you advise models that have to hit the catwalk at 9 AM do that?
I would definitely advise them to take a blunt because when you smoke a blunt and you pass out, you don’t even know where you’re sleeping, and when you wake up you feel so rejuvenated and ready to go out and strut your stuff. And weed has really made me lose a lot of weight over the years. I can’t even lie!

Any last NYFW diet tips or tricks?
Don’t eat any McDonald's or any Burger King. That shit is gross. It doesn’t decompose. Go to a real burger joint and spend the $12.

Alex Keith Chapman, bona fide hustler: As a lazy college male, I don’t really believe in breakfast. So I woke up around 12, went to $1-pizza joint and got 3 slices and a water. But then I felt guilty so I went to a fruit stand and got a banana. For dinner I had a pepperoni personal pizza with another banana, and I had some yogurt and granola because I felt bad about not having breakfast.


What would you say is the college student’s guide to a Fashion Week diet, on a budget?
A lot of water and a little chocolate. Sushi rolls are cool, too.

If the models were in school what do you think they would eat?
The young models feed on fear. They are the most terrifying people. That’s who the army should be, a bunch of underage models. They would do the job. They would really kill it. I want our soldiers to have the determination of a starving model. It’s really strong. Give the military that, and they’ll be good.

Amanda, restaurant manager: I had ramen for dinner, sushi for lunch, and a green juice for breakfast. I went to a restaurant and had the ramen, it wasn’t like microwave ramen.

Have you been doing anything for Fashion Week?
I just went to a friend’s party tonight and ended up at this party as well. I used to work in fashion, but it’s nice not to. It’s a lot more fun when you don’t have to work.

What’s your favorite dish to eat during Fashion Week?
I guess a burger. I don’t know.

Why a burger?
Well I guess it’s not Fashion Week specific. I just like burgers all the time. My diet doesn’t really change during Fashion Week.

So you are a girl who likes beef?

Not a bad look.
I guess not.

Alexander Murphy (left) and Victor Norlander, models at Ford:

Alexander: I had doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast, and I think I had doughnuts for lunch as well. I’ve had, what, 24 today?


Victor: Actually, I just had chicken noodle soup. That’s all.
Alexander: He’s very proper, this guy.
Victor: No, no. The thing is I actually had a cake as well for dessert, kind of. But nothing other than that.

About how many calories per day would you estimate you consume?
Alexander: My metabolism hasn’t gone haywire yet, so I can still consume whatever the hell I want. So a few thousand calories.

What would you say is an average male model’s diet at New York Fashion Week?
Victor: There’s no diet. Come on. Like, especially for guys we can eat what we want: It’s about metablolism—
Alexander: Metabolism.
Victor: Metabolism. We have a good metabolism. I’ve been in this business for seven years and I haven’t met anyone that had problems with eating. It’s more about er—

Being born with a freak metabolism!
Victor: Yeah.
Alexander: They pick out the guys that are skinny to begin with, and they’re skinny for a reason.

Because they’re abnormal.
Victor: Yeah!
Alexander: I mean I can eat insane amounts.
Victor: It’s not about a diet. A diet doesn’t even exist. I feel like all my model friends eat fried chicken and McDonald's every freaking day.

Damn, I’m jealous. I can't get away with that shit.
Alexander: It’s gonna hit us one day, it’s definitely gonna hit us one day. We’re going to regret our lifestyle choices in the business of food.

What are you gonna eat right after this interview?
Alexander: Beer.
Victor: Nothing.

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