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Rogue Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts Has Finally Given the Awkward Local TV Interview We've Been Waiting For

Fifteen-year-old Brady Olson opened up to Iowa's KTIV about what he's trying to accomplish this election.
Image via KTIV

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Brady Olsen—the 15-year-old who entered the presidential race as "Deez Nuts" and created a media phenomenon—has finally given an interview to local TV to explain what the hell is going on with him.

For starting as a joke, Deez Nuts has been doing pretty well—in mid August he was polling at 9 percent in North Carolina—he was third behind Donald Trump at 40 percent and Hillary Clinton at only 38 percent. Later in the month, Google Trends found that more people were searching for "Deez Nuts" than for "Hillary Clinton." (Though it's obviously possible not all of the searches were related to politics.)


Brady's dad Mark told Iowa's KTIV that he was amazed at the buzz Deez Nuts was creating. "I had to talk with Brady to see what the heck he had going on," said Mark.

Brady writes out all of his goals for the 2016 election on a whiteboard in his room and keeps his official campaign website well stocked with his take on issues ranging from immigration to abortion to same-sex marriage.

Ultimately, Olsen told KTIV, he wants his "Deez Nuts" alter ego to pave the way for a multi-party system.

"Canada had a debate for their Prime Minister elections and they had a four-party debate," he says.

Much to the chagrin of his adoring fans, Deez Nuts is ineligible to become president, at least for a while. In order to seriously run, Olsen will have to wait another 20 years, since the Constitution says one must be at least 35 years old in order to be elected.