Old Bay's Sold-Out Hot Sauce Is Now $50 a Bottle on eBay

The limited edition sauce went for $3.49 on the brand's website, but it sold out in an hour.
Bettina Makalintal
Brooklyn, US
Screenshot via Twitter

On Tuesday evening, Old Bay Seasoning announced its limited edition new hot sauce on Twitter, prompting the Baltimore brand's loyal following to immediately lose its shit. Old Bay Hot Sauce went on sale yesterday for $3.49 per 10-fluid-ounce bottle, and within one hour of its release, the hot sauce had completely sold out.

If you're still hoping for a bottle and you can't wait until Old Bay restocks, it's going to cost you big time.


"Less than 1 day until you can get your hands on a bottle (or 10) of this LIMITED EDITION product," Old Bay had written in its initial announcement, and it seems like the resale vultures might have done just that, because the hot sauce is now listed for anywhere between $45 and $300 on eBay, depending on the bottle size.


Screenshot via eBay


Screenshot via eBay

Given that the hot sauce only went on sale yesterday, suspicions about the legitimacy of these listings might be warranted. Many of them rely on stock product photos or the shot included in the brand's tweet, and several mention that the order is confirmed but has not yet been received. Who's really gonna fork over upwards of $50 for that? Seems like some people might: One big 64-ounce bottle listed for $125 has 14 people currently "watching" it, and a listing that states the item is "in hand" has been getting more than 130 views per hour, as of this writing.

At least 20 listings for Old Bay Hot Sauce have already been marked as sold, including a three-pack for $109. Let's just hope all those folks get their hot sauce. Maybe they can even put it on some grits.