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Nura's Kickstarter-Famous Earbuds Are 30% Off for Cyber Monday

Curious about trying the wünderkind of earphone brands? Nura’s Cyber Monday sale has landed with up to 50% off its high-tech devices.
nura cyber monday earphones deals
Photo Courtesy of Nura
It's the best week of the year to shop for those who know that full-price is for suckers.

Why does so much tech design these days feel…  boring? Homogenous? It’s 2022, mate. Even at-home COVID19 tests have been yassified. iPhones look slick and all with their neutral shades, but do you remember the era of the Starburst-colored Apple iMac G3? Or the exquisite extraterrestrial vibes of the 2001 Sony MDR-J10 wired earbuds? Back then [clears throat in Y2K] tech design was dripping with pizazz—and that’s exactly what drew us to Nura, the Australian tech company that raised $1.6 million on Kickstarter for a single pair of earbuds (the NuraTrue Pro), and whose wired NuraLoop earbuds are giving us big aughts nostalgia. 


$179$89.50 at Nura

$179$89.50 at Nura

$329 at Nura

$329 at Nura

The NuraTrue pros can adjust their über crisp sound quality to your own inner ear shape and hearing levels, making them a game-changing addition to the world of wireless earbuds. As Forbes reported this past October, “What the NuraTrue Pro headphones bring is support for AptX Lossless, which, you’ve guessed it, sends data without throwing anything away [...] That’s CD quality, over wireless, for the very first time. Cool.” Naturally, when we heard that Nura was slinging up to 50% off right now, we were all ears. 

In a most sublime offering to the Cyber Monday gods, Nura has knocked 25% off of the Nuraphone headphones, 30% off of the NuraTrue earbuds, and a whopping 50% off the NuraLoop wired earbuds that make us feel like the star of a 1993 TLC music video/Bella Hadid (a fellow lover of wired earbuds). And, if you bring home the coveted NuraTrue Pros, you’ll get the Nura Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for free. 

Whether you’re an audiophile in search of the next pièce de résistance for your earbud collection, or you’re racking your brains out trying to find the best gift for the beloved music snob in your life, Nura’s Cyber Monday sale is not to be slept on. 

Purchase all of Nura’s products here.

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