Wombo Can Make Anything Sing, For Better Or Worse

I will never forget Mr. Blobby asking me to touch his tra-la-la.
An image of a sink that looks like a face.
Image Source: Dave Eisner

Wombo is an app that allows you to take pictures of people and make them lip sync to songs. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it also accepts pictures of non-faces.

By now you have probably seen the freakish sight of random pictures of celebrities singing to "Chug Jug With You" emblazoned with the rainbow "Wombo'' logo. Wombo is an app that allows users to submit photos of people's faces, and get a video of that person lip syncing to songs like "All Star" by Smash Mouth. 


Although the faces move uncannily, showing not just teeth in their open mouths but the sides and tops of their heads as they move around, the app is also pretty stupid. Wombo doesn't detect faces for you; in order to make a video, you tell Wombo where the face is in the photo you've uploaded. This means that it's pretty easy to use Wombo on things that aren't faces, like this sink and drain:

Or this building:

Or freakish British children's television show character Mr. Blobby:

Or, ahem, the peach emoji:

There's a reason these videos of objects singing look pretty good. Humans seek and perceive faces even where they don't exist. This tendency is called pareidolia and there's a whole subreddit dedicated to it in case you're looking for more objects to feed to Wombo. 

While Wombo has become a charming way for people to make their favorite video game and cartoon characters sing to Rick Astley, it's also clearly a nightmare machine. I will never forget Mr. Blobby asking me to touch his tra-la-la, and I hope he never makes me.