All the Dirt George Santos Has Been Flinging Since Being Kicked Out of Office

The disgraced politician/Cameo star continues to make accusations about his colleagues, this time to comedian Ziwe.
Ziwe via YouTube
Sreenshot: Ziwe via YouTube

After becoming the first U.S. representative in America to be expelled in more than 20 years, George Santos has been on a tear, throwing dirt at his former colleagues in Congress as “swampy, slimy people” and “all frauds” in a recent interview with comedian and writer Ziwe.

Santos was expelled on Dec. 1 in an expulsion vote shortly after an Ethics Committee report found that he transferred campaign money to personal accounts to make purchases for Botox, at Hermès, and on OnlyFans. 


He has also long-been accused of being a serial liar over claims that he’s Jewish, that his mother died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and that he worked on Wall Street to name a few.

Here’s what he’s said about his former colleagues in the 19 days since being ousted:

  1. Rep. Dan Goldman (D—NY): “Dan is owing $180,000 worth of rent right now on his $45,000 monthly rent,” Santos shared in his interview with Ziwe. Goldman has not yet responded to these accusations made by Santos.
  2. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R—CA): When asked if Kevin McCarthy was embroiled in fraud, Santos responded “yes” in his interview with Ziwe. He did not elaborate more.
  3. Rep. Bob Menendez (D—NJ): “Gold bar Menendez?” Santos went after the Democratic congressman who is facing charges after gold bars were found at his home in an FBI investigation accusing the New Jersey congressman of bribing a senior senator. 
  4. Rep. Lindsey Graham (R—SC): Just like McCarthy, Santos claimed that Graham was also embroiled in fraud but did not provide any other details in the interview with Ziwe.
  5. Rep. Mike Lawler (R—NY) “Text him so he can take your money so he can pay his own consulting firm to run his campaign… lol,” Santos shared on X. Lawler has not responded publicly since pushing for an expulsion vote of Santos.
  6. Rep. Anthony D’Esposito (R—NY):  “Nice to see he took more fashion inspiration from me… (the quarter zip with a suit look I clocked, he stole). The sweater with (a) suit, same thing, and now even the Ferragamo shoes…” Santos posted on X, claiming that D’Esposito stole his swag. 
  7. The entire U.S. Congress (Republican and Democrat): “They're all frauds,” Santos told Ziwe, with the exclusion of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz—two of America’s most extreme right politicians who Santos was asked about. Before the interview, Santos also went on a three-hour broadcast on X, accusing members of Congress of “voting drunk and having inappropriate relationships with lobbyists,” while also missing votes because they’re “too hungover.”  He did not name anyone specifically.

Last week, Santos also announced that he’d be spilling more “piping hot tea” for just “$7 a month” on his new subscription show on X.