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Awesome Angolan Afro DJ Pupo's Come Through With 45 Minutes of Madness

Awesome MP3s from Africa.

Sitting here in London, it's sometimes all too easy to think that the world's dance floors are shared exclusively between here, Berlin, Chicago and Detroit, forgetting that everyone in the world — pretty much — is enamoured with dance music in it's numerous, nebulous forms. From baile funk down in Brazil to Swedish skweee, every country, every city, has their own signature sound the fuels long nights and hazy afternoons.


Over in Angola, it's all about Kuduro — a Portuguese import that's since been exported back to Europe. Kuduro emerged in the early 80s, blending the simple stomp of 4/4's eternal pulse with the freneticism of soca, and the carnivalesque patterns of zouk. It was, and still is, frantic, tough, defiant party music. 23 year old Alcindo Joaquim, known better as Afro DJ Puppo, is a selector and producer on the rise and has become an integral part of the Kuduro scene and beyond, dropping release after release of prime African house. We've got an exclusive 45 minute mix from the man himself to get you packing your bags for a weekend in Luanda.

French duo Jess & Crabbe have signed up Joaquim for a new EP on their Mental Groove/Bazzerk label. The boldly titled 'Listen to My Music' is a seven track slam through punchily percussive, rough hewn house. Why not have a peek at the raucous video for the wild title track?

'Listen to My Music' is released on Bazzerk/Mental Groove on limited edition vinyl and as a download on June 8th. Pre-order it here.

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