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Chippy Nonstop Teams Up with Waspy for Bollywood Banger "Bubble Up"

"I'm the number one goddess, come, come my way."
Photo by Katrin Braga, styling by Rhi Blossom

While she's been busy this year co-organizing Intersessions, a workshop series teaching womyn and LGBTQ individuals how to DJ, Chippy Nonstop's also found the time to put out music, including one-off collaborations with up-and-coming acts like Bedroomer's Internet Daughter and Nightwave.

Today THUMP premieres her latest single "Bubble Up," a fizzy club banger that channels reggaeton and Bollywood hits, with the Dubai-born, Toronto-based artist singing in both English and Hindi. Produced by Vancouver's Waspy and co-produced by Nonstop, the track's slinking beats hit hard with gloppy basslines, making it the perfect song to soundtrack a full-blown Bollywood chase scene.

Listen to the track below.

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