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Chippy Nonstop Teams Up with Waspy for Bollywood Banger "Bubble Up"

"I'm the number one goddess, come, come my way."
September 23, 2016, 6:20pm
Photo by Katrin Braga, styling by Rhi Blossom

While she's been busy this year co-organizing Intersessions, a workshop series teaching womyn and LGBTQ individuals how to DJ, Chippy Nonstop's also found the time to put out music, including one-off collaborations with up-and-coming acts like Bedroomer's Internet Daughter and Nightwave.

Today THUMP premieres her latest single "Bubble Up," a fizzy club banger that channels reggaeton and Bollywood hits, with the Dubai-born, Toronto-based artist singing in both English and Hindi. Produced by Vancouver's Waspy and co-produced by Nonstop, the track's slinking beats hit hard with gloppy basslines, making it the perfect song to soundtrack a full-blown Bollywood chase scene.

Listen to the track below.

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