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Last Week we Saw Oneman, Benton, Nightwave and More Play from The Just Jam Van

Everyone's favourite double act, Tim and Barry, are taking an alcohol-fuelled van round the UK for a series of events.
April 25, 2016, 3:25pm

If you haven't heard of Tim & Barry by now, you don't know underground music. Over 15 years deep in the game, the pair are the UK's authority on documenting and championing burgeoning scenes on our great shores and beyond. Their Just Jam livestream shows are a hotbed of the best talent from electronic music and beyond, encompassing grime, garage, footwork and house to create a one stop vibe shop for your party, pre-drinks or study session.


In a new project, the lads have teamed up with Jameson's whiskey to explore the face of underground British music culture and celebrate those that are defining this sound. Touring the UK in the 'Just Jam van', the pair are travelling the country, setting up special live sessions in remote locations, harking back to 90s rave culture and serving up some of the best producers and DJs in the game for our semi-intoxicated pleasure.

We caught up with the van at their first stop in London, catching an impromptu grime set from Oneman and Benton, a rousing workout from Glasgow's Nightwave and an unannounced showing from special guest SABA to round things off. Our memory's a little hazy from all the whiskey, but check out this video of Tim & Barry's journey to making this project happen and make sure to catch them when the tour rolls into Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow.

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