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Culoe De Song's Getting Us Set for the Southport Weekender With This Exclusive Mix

Some trippy beats and powerful bass to get your pulse racing.

Culoe De Song (Culolethu Zulu) embodies much of what continues to make South Africa such an exciting hotbed of electronic music at the moment. Since signing to Black Coffee's label Soulistic Music, he has emerged rapidly as an endlessly intriguing producer and DJ. This weekend, Culolethu is heading to Southport which, along with the British Lawnmower Museum, is playing host to the Southport Weekender. The three day event will see Culolethu play alongside the likes of David Rodigan, Henrik Schwarz and Black Coffee himself.


Thump Culoe De Song Mix by Listen_Up on Mixcloud

Probably in a bid to get us unreasonably excited about the whole thing, Culoe De Song has put together this steaming, and completely exclusive, mix for THUMP. The tone is set with some moody, trippy beats, other-worldly samples and a healthy dose of powerful, powerful bass. One for the late night drive to Southport we reckon. See you there.

Culoe De Song is on Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud.

Find out more about the Southport Weekender here.