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Start Your Journey to Hideout with this Slamming Mak & Pasteman Mix

The deadly duo's storming set's got us in the mood for our Croatian boat party at the end of the month.

In less than a month from now we'll be sitting on a plane getting ready to get the fuck off this miserable little island in the middle of the North Sea and starting a heavenly descent into, well, the heavens. Eventually, after a few expensive cans of fizzy drink and a very small bag of pretzels, we'll have landed in Croatia. From there, we'll board a minibus and hurtle through the country before arriving in Novalja. Which means it's time for Hideout all over again!


Joining us on Zrce beach, or thereabouts, will be deadly duo Mak & Pasteman, who'll be drifting off into the Adriatic with us for our My Nu Leng and M8s boat party. To get everyone in the mood for the party and the festival at large, we asked the pair to put together a little pre-event mix for us. The result is this slamming set of some of the biggest records of the last few months. Featuring everyone from Denis Sulta to Dusky, Eric Prydz to Robert Hood, it's an absolutely essential listen and we're pretty sure you'll still be banging it out long after you've put your suitcase away and winter's set in.

Mak & Pasteman are boarding our boat with My Nu Leng and Zinc on Monday 27th of June. Head here for tickets and information.

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