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Greek Football Federation Calls Srebrenica Banners Displayed By Fans “Despicable”

During Greece’s World Cup qualifying match against Bosnia-Herzegovina on Sunday, a number of Greek fans displayed a banner that read: ‘Knife, Wire, Srebrenica’.

The Greek Football Federation (EPO) has apologised to the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina, after a number of Greek fans displayed a banner referencing the Srebrenica massacre during a World Cup qualifier between the two sides.

The game, which ended in a 1-1 draw on the pitch, was marred by events off it. Greek supporters in one part of the stands displayed a banner which read 'Knife, Wire, Srebrenica', in reference to the genocide which took place there in 1995 and which claimed the lives of over 8,000 Bosnian Muslims.


Calls for @UEFA to act as Greece fans hold banner mocking #Srebrenica genocide, breaking hate speech regulations:
— Remember Srebrenica (@SrebrenicaUK) November 14, 2016

In an official statement on their website, the EPO said: "The Greek Football Federation deeply regrets the unacceptable banners with fascist content that were displayed during yesterday's match between Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which it condemns in the most absolute and unequivocal manner.

"This flies in the face of fair play in the most despicable way, as well as the sporting spirit of football and traditional Greek hospitality."

The statement went on: "These actions marginalise minorities, and do not express in any way the opinions of the vast majority of right-minded Greek fans.

"The Greek Football Federation feels obliged to apologise, at the very least for those involved in this hateful action, to the Football Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the good people of this country."

It has been suggested in some quarters that the banner could contravene Greek laws on hate speech. The words on the banner appear to make reference to the prison camps outside Srebrenica in which Bosnian Muslims were interred during the Bosnian War, from which many were taken and subsequently murdered.