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Blog Ü: Here's Everything That Went Down at the 24-Hour Jack Ü Party

Before the cops shut it down early, the Jack Ü house party gave us a surprise album debut, pizza delivery ordered by Kaskade, and "Ling Ling."

When Diplo and Skrillex surreptitiously announced that they would be live-streaming a 24 hour house party (dubbed 24 Hours of Jack Ü) on Twitch yesterday, THUMP's managing editor Jemayel Khawaja and I immediately decided to team up as Blog Ü. He would attend the party in LA, and I would watch the shenanigans from afar. We knew to expect a rager that would go down in history. What we didn't expect: the roof to fall down several times, a surprise album debut, pizza delivery ordered by Kaskade, and Diplo dealing with the cops who shut the whole thing down prematurely. Oh, and let's never forget "Ling Ling."


Here is everything that we saw go down during that insane party marathon.


A few hours into the party, Skrillex casually mentioned that he and Diplo would be releasing their extremely anticipated debut album, Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü, at midnight. (You can cop that LP on

iTunes now.) Then they previewed a couple songs in their set-giving us a taste of what they've been working on with 2Chainz, AlunaGeorge, Missy Elliott and Justin Bieber. Does this mean the war between EDM and Beliebers is over now?


So, so many props. "FREE JACK Ü" signs adorned the walls (these become all the more necessary when the party got shut down at 6am), cutouts of giant heads were passed around, and the ball pit was a hotspot all night long.


We loved watching Diplo and Skrillex share deck time with their friends. Highlights included Dillon Francis forgetting how to mix with SD cards and stopping the track, Mija waiting patiently on the sidelines, and Goshfather & Jinco filling in while Diplo dealt with the cops.


There was so much twerking that the room got too hot for the livestream to work and it cut out for twenty minutes.


Live comments are the reason we love Twitch so much. When a young girl wouldn't stop twerking in front of the camera, she was dubbed "Ling Ling" and survived in the comments for hours after she left the party. She became the meme of the night-even the pizza delivery boy that Kaskade called couldn't live up to her hype.



Because what would a party be without a far less interesting portable electronic device glued to your hands?

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