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Watch Kenneth Gibson and Nitzer Ebb's Douglas J. McCarthy Get Lonely in the Desert

Reverse Commuter's vid for

Keeping up with the creative output of Kenneth Gibson is a task within itself. He's worked under 15 different guises in his twenty year career and has veered into musical territories as disparate as folk, techno, and dancehall. His new album as Reverse Commuter, Exposure, out now on DJ Three's relaunched Hallucienda imprint, finds Gibson loping through vocally driven house tunes with a latent edge.


The video for his track "Whispers In," made in collaboration with Nitzer Ebb vocalist Douglas McCarthy, finds the protagonist wandering around the stark, parched landscape of the California desert while McCarthy sneers, "I always wanted you to know me." It's like a sad vacation to the Salton Sea set to distinctly adult house music thematics and sounds.