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Solomun's White Isle Journals #11: Kompakt and Diynamic Go All Night

And Mladen saves a man's life by stopping him from stage diving.
Welcome to my White Isle Journals, where you'll get an inside look at my life in Ibiza during my Solomun +1 residency this summer at Pacha.

Every week, I'll bring you deep inside Ibiza life, up-close and personal and behind the scenes. Then, I'll pick my own +1 from the island to show you the beating heart of the White Isle––the people. Lastly, I'll pick the track that took over the airwaves for me that week. There's so much going on, and on this party Island, you tend to forget fast. That's why I wanted to write it all down, so I can remember it all and share with you.


I can only say that my guest Michael Mayer just blew us all away last week. I was dancing to his sounds ten years ago when he had a residency in a former Hamburg club called Tanzhalle. The Kompakt sound was huge at that time, and last year I rediscovered Kompakt tracks and started playing them more often again.

Michael surprised everyone at Pacha with his one-of-a-kind track selections, and I can confess it was a tough to be equal with him when we went b2b!. Although he had an early flight on Monday to be back home with his family, Michael decided to stay longer and to play with me more at the after-hours club.

We stayed there until noon and then all went to my house where we slept and he left then at the evening. And it was nice to see that he obviously enjoyed the night as much as I did, when I saw what he posted on Facebook. And that's why my track of this week is the track that Michael also posted and played during the night. So we also agree on that.

Introducing Carl Jakob

I know Jakob from Hamburg, he used to come quite regularly to our small club EGO that we had until last year. He is a super open, interesting guy who runs, together with a friend, a quite successful fashion blog for guys called Dandy Diary. On top of that, he plays in a band called BOXER.

Of course I was happy to hear that he came to Ibiza and that he enjoyed the night. One thing that made me happy too: I could prevent him from stage-diving. He totally wanted this from the booth – but fortunately, he found another way to express his happiness.


What's your name?
Carl Jakob Haupt

Where do you come from?
Born in Marburg, Raised in Kassel, via Hamburg now living in Berlin, Germany.

Why Ibiza?
I always wanted to go there, never been before and of course totally wanted to see Mladen at Pacha

Why a Solomun party?
Because people told me that it's the hottest party on the Island. And for sure he is the hottest guy.

What will you do after finishing this interview?
Going to the airport and back to Berlin. Next week Stockholm fashion week.

Carl on Partying with Solomun

It was my first time on the Island and, of course, also at Pacha. I was excited what would happen there. First, I was fascinated from the sheer size of the club. And it's different to partyie In Berlin that I know better. I had the feeling that the people here want to go crazy and wild. Everyone brings all their energy. Every little bit of it. And there's such an extreme mixture, a diversity of people: The riches, the bitches––everyone.

The sound at Pacha is really nice too, and since the booth is in the middle of the room (and Mladen plays his monitors quite at maximum), you feel like in the eye of the storm.

Sometimes you want beer, sometimes you want wine – but Pacha is shaken champagne. This was hot, this had energy, this was totally different then anything I experienced before. You might not want to drink champagne every day - but this day, it was beyond awesome!

Apparently we also ended up stranded in an afterhours club after pacha, which I only have a few memories of. Mladen played there again. My memories start when I woke up at the pool of our neighbours house around noon. One thing is for sure: I'll be back. This season!

Solomuns Ibiza Track of the Week // Patrice Baumel - "The Vanishing"