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Flosstradamus at the Gathering of the Juggalos: Shots Fired, Stones Thrown, and Moshpits

Check our exclusive photo gallery from the infamous moment. Yes, there's blood.
July 28, 2015, 3:10pm
Photos by Michael James Murray

This past weekend the THUMP crew packed up a van, loaded up on roasted almonds and fruit snacks before hitting the road to lovely Thornville, Ohio, where Chicago trap lords Flosstradamus would be the first to bring dance music, and their HDYNATION, to The Gathering of the Juggalos.

When the guys took to social media to announce their appearance at the often ridiculed, always misunderstood festival, they received some interesting backlash from both sides of the spectrum. As always, they brushed the haters to the side and geared up to go all in at the event. We were right there with the cameras rolling. Obviously, shit got lit before the first 808 drop.

Floss' set started a bit rocky (pun incoming), as Josh from the duo was at the wrong end of a flying stone an unknown fan decided to hurl towards the DJ booth. After quickly tending to his wound, mostly by wiping some blood off his face with a towel, Josh took back to the DJ booth and the rest of the set went off in the group's classically turnt fashion.

When the duo dropped "Mosh Pit" at the end of their set, imploring the feverish sea of flailing arms to engage in the infamous "wall of death," Flosstradamus had proved their worth at The Gathering and found themselves welcomed into one of the most unique families in modern music festival culture. It was an absolute sociocultural clusterfuck and one of the most interesting things we've ever seen.

Check out a few of our photos from Floss' set at the Gathering below, and keep your eyes out for our full-length documentary profiling their time at the festival. Whoop whoop.

Photos by Michael James Murray