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Around the World in 80 Raves: Rinsed, New York City

A DIY warehouse happening with a taste for the bizarre.

Around The World in 80 Raves takes you into the basements, warehouses, and back rooms where the magic happens—from Caracas to Calgary and back. Photo credit: Daniel Leinweber/Razberry Photography/Noah Fowler

NAME: Rinsed

LOCATION:  Secret locations throughout Brooklyn, New York

RESIDENTS: Dan Wender, Blacky II, A.Pop 

RECENT HEADLINERS: Crystal Waters, MK, Inner City, Jackmaster, Chris Malinchak, Jacques Greene


VIBE: A dark warehouse where techno is an aphrodisiac

VENUE: Roving locations throughout Brooklyn

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Sporadically—the party only happens when the Rinsed crew can guarantee it'll be one crazy, dirty, dancing-till-dawn deal.


Somewhere in Brooklyn at a location we cannot disclose, hundreds of sexy, sweaty people can be found at Rinsed, a party that believes in a good old-fashioned mind fuck (so hard to find that these days). The Rinsed team gets its kicks from making party-goers feel as uncomfortable as possible without scaring them away entirely; an installation at one of their latest throw-downs included sex dolls with LED lights in their orifices piled high in a warehouse dumpster. The kinky stunt scared no one more than the police, who mistook the dolls for bombs.

Founders Dan, Blacky, and Ana are three deranged artists who pride themselves in mixing old and new school—a kind of democratic impulse that sees buzzing artists like Cashmere Cat often play just a few weeks before house legends like Inner City. But the kind of titillation you'll find at Rinsed doesn't involve trapeze dancers and fire breathers, but rather an atmosphere inspired by everything from fine art to 90s club culture.

The three-year-old party usually costs around ten bucks and kicks off with a one-hour open bar—two possible reasons for their longevity in a city famous for its fickleness. Being open to newcomers helps, too. "We've always said, we want the party to appeal to a random passerby who just got off work and wants to dance, as well as the seasoned techno-head," explained Dan.


Though random passersby may wander into a Rinsed now and again, the party (and the dedicated trio behind it) is practically a household name to the techno and house-loving Brooklyn crowd. In addition to their bizarre thematics, Rinsed is also known for going against the curve in other ways—including sending "demented emails," framing parties as shelters from epic rainstorms, and throwing anti-Fashion Week parties during Fashion Week. Taking risks was key to making Rinsed a fixture in the community. "Once we stepped outside our comfort zone we really allowed ourselves to get as bat shit as possible," says Ana.

One of the most common sites of the party is The Umbrella Factory, a former (as you've probably already guessed) umbrella factory in East Williamsburg that features kitschy details like bright neon lights and paper cocktail umbrellas. Another favorite is Public Assembly, a 4,000 square foot performance space that comes complete with a reflecting pool that often doubles as a giant ashtray.

ONE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT: "Crystal Waters singing 'Gypsy Woman' live at this gymnasium we used for a venue. People climbed over the barricades and infiltrated the foam pit and trampoline. They completely lost their shit and started throwing foam at each other and randos. Some people were passionately making out in the pit while maniacs were jumping around them."

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