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To clear up any misconceptions—Mundane is anything but mundane.

Mundane - Northmix by Thump on Mixcloud

"I wanted to take listeners on a journey in this one hour mix," says Andrew Chorniy, the Toronto-based DJ and producer who now goes by Mundane. "It focuses on track selection, flow, and transitions."

With a tailored tracklist of both moody thinkers and ambient poignancy, Chorniy undeniably leads you on a journey in his Northmix, but the destination is not necessarily a nightclub. "The carefully selected tracks are all special to me," he says. "They're mostly from my current playlists; some are tracks that I don't get a chance to play at parties but really enjoy listening to."


Mundane is Chorniy's solo project, separate from his long-running collaboration with fellow Torontonian Rafwat Shauki as Rafwat & Chorniy. The pair has stockpiled dozens of shows across the Toronto area and Chorniy will likely do the same under Mundane. His ability to stir up a meditative 60-minute mix and follow with a punchy nighttime club set is a ringing indication of a looming success.

So, to clear up any misconceptions—Mundane is anything but mundane.

Mundane will perform alongside Lee Burridge at Coda in Toronto on September 19. For more information and tickets, visit the event page.

1. Velvit – South of Your Soul (Original Mix)
2. Django Django – First Light (Ghost Culture Remix)
3. Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela – Instinct (Original Mix)
4. Mundane – Sound of the Sun
5. Ghost Culture – Gludecca (Gabe Gurnsey / Factory Floor Remix)
6. Audiofly – Chiaroscuro (Original Mix)
7. Topper – Epilogue ( Fenis Remix)
8. REbEL (UK) – Funktions (Jack Wickham Dub Mix)
9. Kiki – Supermoon (Original Mix)
10. Punu – Wildcards (Original Mix)
11. Rodriguez Jr. – Chrysalism (Original Mix)

Mundane is on SoundCloud