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Zhu Emerges From the Shadows for a Freaky New Video

In “The One’s” new visuals, Steve wants you to look and listen closely.

The anonymous (just kidding, we know who he is) Grammy-nominated producer Zhu continues to make his presence known through a carefully crafted level of mystique. Today he has released a new video for his track "The One," taken from his debut multi-track, The Nightday.

Led by the track's intro of saucy horns, the video follows suit with the artist's hallmark aesthetic. In a mostly black and white, near film-noir-esque style, we follow along as a sexy seductress shaves the head of an unknown male captive, vaporizes his blood into a goblet, and then makes a serious mess out of a perfectly good rotisserie chicken. Eventually, the cops break up the entire dinner party moments before she appears to drill a hole into the dude's sternum. Ouch!


Like Zhu's ethos as an artist, this video is intended to slightly confuse the viewer and puts the focus on what happens in the shadows. Look closely at the video's final frame, and you'll even see a ghostly silhouette exiting the room, a figure which is more than likely Zhu himself.

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The video's final clip even reveals this handful of European tour dates:
May 22 - Ibiza
May 25 - Amsterdam
May 27- London
May 29 - Paris
June 1 - Brussels

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