Soulwax Reinvent Themselves as a Female Electroclash Band, Watch the Video Now

Soulwax have created sixteen unique, fictional bands to soundtrack a new film 'Beligica.'
February 10, 2016, 6:25pm

Belgian mash-up icons, Soulwax aka 2manydjs, have shared their first non-collaborative single since 2004's "NY Excuse." It's a taste of the brothers David and Stephen Dewaele's soundtrack for the forthcoming film Belgica, helmed by Oscar-nominated director Felix Van Groeningen, for which they have created sixteen unique, fictional bands to tell the story of two brothers who open up a successful bar, and the tense fraternal rivalry that ensues.

Here, they've dubbed themselves Erasmus and delivered a high-energy electroclash stomper in "Ti Ricordi Di Me," which translates from the Italian to "Do you remember me". Soulwax have described Erasmus as "a group of wild bald women" and characterized their single as "an electro charged tribal attack … [where] techno sounds fuse and groove with ritual chanting to create a killer track that will detonate your dance floor," in an interview with Spin magazine. The video depicts a forceful, punk-styled Erasmus live club performance in what looks like peak time on a Saturday night, and a totally unhinged crowd.

Check it out above, pre-order their soundtrack from iTunes to get tracks instantly, and watch the trailer for Belgica here.

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