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Khotin Dives Into the Frigid Depths of House on "Baikal Acid" Single

The 1080p affiliate proves his limnological chops on his latest 12 inch release.
January 7, 2016, 4:21pm

Ever since jettisoning the fuzzy romanticism of his previous project Happy Trendy, Canadian producer Dylan Khotin-Foote has been exploring territories far more frigid. On labels like 1080p, Normals Welcome, and Heart to Heart, he's used the moniker Khotin as a catch-all for downtrodden house tracks united in their wintry spirit, if not in their genre-skirting constructions. This week, he's announced his return to 1080p for a 12" release called Baikal Acid, and today he's issued that record's title track, a prime example of his snowbound take on the genre.


Like the Russian lake that gives the track it's name, "Baikal Acid" feels expansive and forbidding in equal measure. Skitters of synth lines reflect like blinding sunlight off a frozen tundra, with sensorial bursts that feel like warmth and light amidst more frosty environs.

Baikal Acid is out January 15 on 1080p, but you can stream the title track right here, right now.