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Kaytranada Calls Bad EDM/Pop Star Collaborations 'Boiled Chicken with No Seasoning'

The Canadian producer said he's not referring to Rihanna and Calvin Harris.
Photo by Chieff Bosompra

In a series of tweets, Kaytranada criticized the proliferation of bad EDM producer and pop star collaborations. The Canadian producer likened the current onslaught of releases as "boiled chicken with no seasoning." Musically, he also thinks they haven't evolved since 2011 when they first became popular.

Throughout the day, he wrote, "Like straight up, pop stars and edm dj collabs are like boiled chicken with no-seasoning. Might be trippin but I aint lyin."

Fans of Rihanna assumed the tweets were in reference to "This is What You Came For," the pop singer's latest collaboration with Calvin Harris after successful releases such as "We Found Love" and "Where Have You Been." The video for "This is What You Came For" dropped Thursday. However, Kaytranada dismissed this claim, citing his recent remix of Rihanna's "Kiss it Better."

Later, he clarified his statements when he wrote, "The pop stars collab with the big edm djs…. MUSICALLY it hasnt evolve since 2011. All im saying is that it wouldve been much cooler to see someone on the comeup collaborating w/ them instead of doing the same thing. Get down with them new and unique thangs, thats all im saying. And Boiled chicken is not entirely bad, it just need some seasoning."

THUMP named Kaytranada's "Glowed Up," as one of the 30 best tracks of the year thus far.