Listen to Krallice's Head-Spinning New Album, 'Prelapsarian'

The NYC black metal contrarians are now streaming their highly-anticipated new full-length on Bandcamp.
December 21, 2016, 2:15pm

Krallice has been teasing the release of their latest full-length, Prelapsarian, for what seems like ages (despite the fact that they already released the Hyperion EP earlier this year, and 2015's Ygg huur mere months before that). By now, the disgustingly proficient minds behind this black metal band-turned-experiment in sonic extremity are beholden to no one but themselves, and their willy-nilly release schedule is just a symptom of what happens when you take that much technical ability and creativity, and let it run wild. Guitarist Colin Marston's status as one of the most respected audio engineers in heavy music certainly doesn't hurt, either—nor does the simple fact that Krallice can record whatever they want, whenever they want, in his studio, Menegroth - the Thousand Caves.


I just got off a seven hour transatlantic flight, so my brain is nowhere near ready to process this album; even an initial listen hits like a ton of multihued bricks, and there are four songs (including "Hate Power," which they previously leaked via the Adult Swim Singles Program) to get through. Suffice it to say, though, fans of Krallice's particularly unhinged, manic blend of ur-technical black and death metal will be quite pleased with what they discover within Prelapsarian's nooks, crannies, and charred ash flurries of notes.

Preorder the vinyl from Gilead Media (who expect to start shipping copies in March), and listen to the whole damn thing below.

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