Bill Nye's New Netflix Show Will Save Us All

The Science Guy is coming back in April, and he might be just what our turbulent earth so desperately needs right now.
February 8, 2017, 3:57pm

In terms of environmental protection, things are already looking pretty bleak. Last year was the hottest one ever recorded, the Antarctic ice shelf is cracking like an ice cube in a cup of tea, and our government is now populated with climate change deniers and former Exxon CEOs, so the kind of critical, immediate action that Al Gore wants us to take doesn't seem like it's happening.

But worry not, everybody. Bill Nye is coming back, like a specter from the days when your fourth grade science teacher gave up and just popped in a VHS tape, to save the world. Or at least, that's what his new "fact-based" talk show promises. Netflix's new Bill Nye the Science Guy spinoff, Bill Nye Saves the World, will land on the streaming service this April.

The 13-episode season will tackle everything from climate change to alternative medicine, mixing in classic Nye science experiments and new sidekicks like supermodel Karlie Kloss. There's no official word on if the show will be bringing back those transcendent science-related music-video parodies, but it's probably likely.

Will Bill Nye be the savior our turbulent earth so desperately needs? Well, it's a long shot, but we'll take what we can get at this point. Bill Nye Saves the World is coming to Netflix on April 21.