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Terror Jr.'s New Song Rages Against a Surreal World

Their latest banger "Caramel" is danceable and political all at once.

Self-described "dream pop supergroup" Terror Jr. know how to flavor their bubblegum dance music with a touch of darkness. Last November, the group—which includes producers Felix Snow and David "Campa" Singer-Vine (formerly one half of The Cataracs) as well as the mysterious singer Lisa Terror, rumored to be Kylie Jenner—came out with "Hearbreaks," a neon ode to the crumbling American Dream.

Today, Terror Jr. returns with their new single "Caramel." The lyrics seem like a response to our treacherous political moment—the line "they wanna shut me down like my pussy's fucking worthless" cuts with a particular edge in the wake of yesterday's congressional passage of Trumpcare, which guts care for women and reproductive health. Still, the song's airy keys and romantic melodies will sweep you off your feet before you spend too long reflecting on the apocalypse.

"'Caramel' is a reaction to a surreal world in 2017," said Lisa Terror in an email to THUMP. "To myself, to counterfeit people with counterfeit morals. A fuck you and a welcome home." In addition to calling representatives to let them know that our pussies are more than worthless, maybe raging and dancing is our best bet at staying sane. Listen below.