This story is over 5 years old.

Section Boyz Are Back with Another One in the Shape of "Step In"

It feels like a natural successor to "Lock Arff".

Section Boyz are rapidly becoming the hardest working crew in grime, with new tracks from individual members coming thick and fast. But that doesn't mean they're slowing down as a collective anytime soon, as evidenced by new track and video "Step In."

It feels like a natural successor to the group's breakout track "Lock Arff" (same monosyllabic title; same chilly synths), with a similar hook as delivered in the recognizable, sharp cadence of Section MC Inch. The music video is a moody affair well-suited to the atmosphere of the track, and the whole thing is another fitting showcase for the pride of south London. It's also hard not to feel charmed by how Section Boyz don't follow the rules of industry "impact dates" or general release dates. They popped this one off on a Sunday, metaphorically scoffing at the way the industry decided to globally align by putting out new albums and singles at the end of the work week on New Music Fridays. Their move to surprise-release their Soundcheck mixtape followed a similar pattern, showing they're committed to doing this their way. Step in, indeed.

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