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Michigan Folk Legend Chris Bathgate Returns with 'Dizzy Seas'

His first full-length album in five years is out Friday.

Prominent Michigan folk musician Chris Bathgate—who you may be familiar with from a number of his previous projects such as folk trip Ambitious Brothers or his 2007 debut album A Cork Tale Wake—is releasing his first full-length album since 2011 on Friday. Dizzy Seas is an eclectic collection of ambient folk rock like that of Sufjan Stevens or Justin Vernon.

According to a recent interview with Outline, Bathgate spent the past few years "hiking on both coasts, intermittently living in a cabin in the woods of southern Michigan." His pilgrimage back to Mother Nature puts him into the same camp as contemporaries like Dave Simonett and even Kanye West. The result of his isolation became last years EP Old Factory and now his upcoming full length Dizzy Seas. The album is an exploration of hope and heartbreak, and over 10 tracks unfolds beautifully, moving from solitary reflection to a celebration of life and all its complications. What makes Bathgate's take on this well-tread material, though, is how far removed Bathgate seems to be from what he's singing about, as if he's taken a step back from the world he inhabits, simultaneously celebrating and critiquing himself and the industry.

Dizzy Seas follows last year's EP Old Factory, and is out May 19 via Quite Scientific Records. Listen below, and preorder here.