Listen to a Smooth Synth Track From Total Control's Mikey Young

The considerable musical talents of Mikey Young have become more considerable.
May 16, 2017, 12:56am

The handsome man above enjoying a delicious chocolate flavoured milk beverage at Perth airport is Mikey Young. You probably know Mikey as guitarist for Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Lace Curtain, Oogas Boogas and Total Control, as well as an album curator and producer. But the man also creates some amazing synth compositions.

His latest record Your Move Vol. 1 is about to be released on Chicago label Moniker as part of their 'The Synthtastic Solo Series For Humans 8+' series. As the name suggests they invite eight of their favourite artists to produce synth-driven music and album art inspired by chess pieces.


Mikey tells us that like most jams on the record, "Lord Barrel"—that you can listen to below—was most likely made in a quick burst of creativity one night probably due to being psyched by a new piece of gear. "I listened to the song soon after to see if there was anything in it and I thought the strings sounded like a no budget David Axelrod which made me wanna listen to "Holy Thursday". Once I switched back to my jam, it made me want to never bother making music again. A few months later I made piece with the fact that I was never going to be David Axelrod and finished it off as best as my little hands could."

But the fact that is has been produced by Mikey Young you know that the track is still going to blow your mind.

'Your Move Vol. 1' is available June 16 from Moniker Records.

Image: Zephyr Pavey