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Cosmonaut Grechko's New EP Will Take You Straight To the Funkosphere

July 10, 2014, 9:22pm

While we aren't quite sure if he was born on this planet, Cosmonaut Grechko is one of Earth's most esteemed funkstronauts. And what would our world be without the funk? Life would be far more boring, Rick James would be significantly less hilarious—and George Clinton would probably just be a strange old dude with a really bizzare haircut.

Luckily for us Earthlings, the blue dot has been flowing with funky vibes since the day that Moses washed upon that riverbed, and to this day the potent musical niche continues to invade and influence our hearts, bodies and minds, as well as most genres of music worth mentioning.

Today we must admit we are feeling a bit off-kilter, because Cosmo's latest EP Luv/More has us seriously funked up. The dude himself has gifted us both cuts of the release for your listening (and downloading) pleasure, and they are both largely responsible for the hands-in-the-air desk chair swiveling that has taken over the THUMP desk all morning. We invite you to join us. Spacesuits are optional but heavily encouraged.

David's up all night to get funky. @DLGarber

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