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What the Fuck is Going on with Kendrick Lamar's Instagram?

He's deleted every post but one, and it could mean a new album is on the way.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

K Dot is the king of the quiet release (see: untitled, unmastered), presumably because his output is so consistently good that it requires very little fanfare. Listeners have been speculating for a while about when we might get his next studio release, and this morning, he potentially teased it, characteristically without saying anything at all.

An hour ago, at around 9AM GMT, Kendrick posted an image on Instagram of the Roman numeral "IV" (which translates as the number four) against a black background, and eagle-eyed fans quickly noted that he'd since deleted every other post on his account. Since his next album will indeed be his fourth, it seems as though he's ramping up to drop something pretty soon. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, friends.

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(Image via Kendrick Lamar on Instagram)