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In geometry, a dodecahedron is a three dimensional object with twelve flat faces. In music, Dodechedron is a three dimensional artist with more face-melting beats and psychedelic raps than you can count. For the third episode of THUMP, we're proud to bring you a rare mix from the elusive Melbourne-based producer. And when he's not creating new sounds, he's altering the very nature of physical reality as Vice's own Design Associate.


For the second hour we bring you an hour selection from only one of the most influential Australian labels in history. Siberia Records have a roster of artists like the Musee du Louvre in Paris has a collection of paintings. They've introduced the world to iconic acts such as Midnight Juggernauts, Jonti, Kirin J Callinan and Forces, and here they introduce us to their latest musical obsessions.

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