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Hell Is Real and It Sounds Like This Kinda Lit Coldplay and Chainsmokers Song

You were honestly hoping this collab would be "Something Just Like This," weren't you?

In Hell, there is a DJ booth. It's the kind of DJ booth that drives "real DJs" fucking crazy, which is appropriate because all those real DJs are in Hell for complaining that Zedd should play more white label 12-inches or whatever in the first place. Anyway, this DJ booth, it's basically just an iPad with Spotify (free version) hooked up to it, and some demon with literal hams for hands stands over it banging on it like a member of the Chuck E. Cheese band. And what emanates from this iPad?


This fucking song.

It is called "Something Just Like This," and it is by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay.

"Something Just Like This" is about being a kid and being Batman and somehow also being Chris Martin. It's from The Chainsmokers' upcoming album (Oh yeah, did you know The Chainsmokers are releasing an album? The concept seems to be "EDM Where the Wild Things Are, but also there are hot models because EDM and that 'Paris' song." It's on sale in Hell, too.) It's terrible, but it's also kinda lit.

The drop is sick, and it would be great soundtracking an Act 3 montage in a bad romantic comedy. It is also better than the song Coldplay did with Beyoncé, if we're being honest. Does that mean it wouldn't be playing in a Uniqlo flagship at the gates to the Sixth Circle of Hell, creative directed by Lucifer himself? Absolutely not. They have capitalism in Hell, too, kids. Especially there.

Listen to "Something Just Like This," a collaboration between Coldplay and The Chainsmokers, from The Chainsmokers' upcoming album Memories… Do Not Open, below:

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