Chris Russo and Brian Kenny Yell About the Hall Of Fame


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Chris Russo and Brian Kenny Yell About the Hall Of Fame

This Hall of Fame argument between Brian Kenny and Chris Russo is every Hall of Fame argument and it is awful.

During the lead up to the Hall Of Fame announcement today on MLB Network, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo and Brian Kenny engaged in what can only be described as The Hall Of Fame Debate. We are talking The Ohio State "the." Arguments and posturing that have played out over the past decade on recycled paper and in html were all put on television in one nine minute or so segment.

Arbitrary cherry picking of numbers? Check. Arbitrary milestones for qualifications? Check. Arbitrary arbitrariness? Check.

Mad Dog does all the heavy lifting here, jumping around and yelling "you think fans care about the war??" like it's an international conflict and not a player evaluation tool—while Kenny, for the most part, lets him hoist himself. Kenny also gets in a few digs, playing the part of smug stat guy equally as well as Russo played his: "I wonder, what is your objective methodology in all of this?" and a moment when Russo looked like he was going to lose his skull talking about WAR, to which Kenny responded, "don't get confused," are just some of the highlights.

Here's the thing: this is all the worst. Everything about this is the worst and the Hall of Fame is the worst for making it possible. And also for excluding Don Mattingly, who is objectively a Hall of Famer. I watched his games.

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