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The Night Game's Song "The Outfield" Is a Future Classic

Sting, is that you? Huey Lewis? Springsteen? Kenny Loggins? Don't even try and pretend this song isn't fire.

Honestly this is very retro sounding. Like top-down-in-your-sick-convertible-Mustang kind of retro. Like pushing the pedal to the metal down the Pacific Coast Highway vibez. Like looking over at that person behind the wheel and realizing it's OK to cede control and take your own hands off the proverbial wheel… for now. It feels fucking delightful. This song has a chorus that feels as free as this photo. (Weirdly, this is also reminiscent of 80s band The Outfield and their mega hit "Your Love.")


What can we say about the man behind this voice? A whole lotta nothing really. This is The Night Game's debut song, he's from a small town outside Boston Massachusetts and according to the accompanying vague blurb his music "illuminates the union between muscle and emotion in modern music." Huh.

Co-producer Francois Tetaz claims this song is "a recurring dream that floats above you every night. And when you wake, its the first thing to occupy your mind. You want it, and you almost have it in hand—but somehow you never seem to reach it. It might be a memory. Or it could simply be a feeling; a state of mind. But you know it's still out there in the field of dreams—calling out your name."

Summer's nearly here, time to take off.

"The Outfield" is out now.