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Madeira's "Come on Thru" Sounds Like a Dream Pop Breakup Letter

Madeira's Kim Pflaum, formerly of electropop act Yumi Zouma, has the soundtrack to your happy-sad cathartic moments.

Catharsis can become addictive. If Aristotle had been able to write aggressively earnest Insta captions when he delved into his theory on how tragedy can purge emotion, he probably would've said as much in a few snappy lines. The release you feel when you've just dragged yourself through a largely negative experience – the building tension of a scene in a horror film, screaming at someone you love when you momentarily lose your grip on your rage – can then feel positive. It's part of the reason why so many people love a good cry.


And that brings us to this new song from Madeira AKA Kim Pflaum. You may have heard of her as frontwoman of shoegaze-y Kiwi electropop act Yumi Zouma, making the sort of breathy music designed for days when you rub the sleep out of your eyes in anticipation of sunshine, a slow morning and an afternoon that ambles into the warmth of the sunset. In short: this is not wintertime music. As a solo act signed to Carpark Records, she's imbued that similarly glowing jewel tone into songs like "Come On Thru," the video for which we're premiering above. The song's off her Bad Humours EP, and uses a beckoning line in the chorus that functions like a call-and-response between you and your ex who you really shouldn't still be talking to. It smacks of the catharsis of a breakup.

"Shot one evening with dancer and performance artist, Zahra Killeen-Chance, it's an abstract/minimalist take on a girl on the run," Kim told Noisey, of the Rowan Pierce-directed video. "She's hiding out in an old motel hoping to find space and independence from a regretful former lover in the wake of a tumultuous breakup." Tbh we've almost all been there, running over the conversations we had with someone who fucked us over and doing out best not to reply to their "we should talk" texts. Just take a leaf out of Aristotle's book on this one, and ride it out.

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(Image by Garth Badger via PR)