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Underground Rapper Gets a 3D-Printed Cone Bra Worthy of Madonna

Designer Frances Guevara and rapper Boyfriend reimagine the Queen of Pop's iconic undergarment, complete with built-in light show.
Images courtesy the artist. Photo by Greg Miles, Hair and Makeup by Emily Preston

With just enough eye-catching extrapolation—and a due amount of reverence—Printing House founder and CEO Frances Guevara has reinterpreted the iconic undergarment Madonna made famous into a 3D-printed, light-up design. Commissioned by the New Orleans underground rapper Boyfriend for her upcoming tour, Guevara's gleaming performance-wear is a futuristic take on Jean-Paul Gaultier’s original design for Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour. In conical outcroppings of 3D-printed nylon, the piece mimics the cosmos with rings of linear cutouts which glow with the light of multicolored LEDs.


"The cutouts are modeled off of timelapse images of the sky, where the light of the stars reveal these rhythmic patterns," Guevara tells The Creators Project. "Time is again referenced, more immediately with the lights themselves. They can be programmed to change color or blink with the beat of the music. This interactive feature gives the wearer an added layer of choreography."

To create the cones, Guevara performed a full 3D body scan of the rapper, sculpting the product in Rhino specifically to fit Boyfriend’s body. After her design was complete, Innovative Digital Manufacturing of Louisiana (IDM) printed the brassiere in four separate Nylon 12 pieces using Stratasys' Fortus 400mc. Held together by magnets, these moving parts allow the rapper to remove the cones to adjust the LEDs for a full-spectrum spectacle we think the Queen of Pop would love.

Photos by Greg Miles, Hair and Makeup by Emily Preston

A 3D rendering of the bra's four printed pieces

A 3D rendering of the bra on Boyfriend's scanned body

Visit Printing House and Behance for more 3D-printed designs from Frances Guevara, and stay tuned to Boyfriend's website to find out about her upcoming tour, where you can witness the bra's debut.

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