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This Season's Coolest Headphones Are Made Of Cotton Balls And Cardboard

Sound artist, Zimoun, made headphones using cotton balls, cardboard boxes, and 2 DC-motors

This holiday season, we say pass on the Dre Beats and consider something more DIY. Swiss sound architect, Zimoun, is back with another installation that uses commonplaces objects to create something totally complex and imaginative. This most recent audio project uses cotton balls, cardboard boxes, and 2 DC-motors to make the most insane headphones we've come across in a minute.

Zimoun's "headphones" can't play your favorite Drake song, per se, but they are reminiscent of the types of forts, games, and devices we'd make as children. This is like the audio equivalent of a homemade cardboard racecar, or even comparable to that thing when kids freeze various liquids in hopes of creating the next great popsicle (tomato juice, really?).

The artist once made a sound sculpture that implemented 294 boxes filled with DC motors and cork balls, and this project is more-or-less a minimalist take on the same idea. Though we haven't tried the headphones on, we're sure that they provide a unique audio experience where listeners really focus on a specific, repeating sound, as compared to bass-heavy music channelled through branded headphones with a big price tag.

Check out one of Zimoun's past projects below: