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This Dress Was Drawn Into Existence With A 3D-Printing Pen

Hong Kong fashion studio SHIGO created an entire dress, line by line, with a 3Doodler—the pen that can 3D print structures into thin air.
September 8, 2014, 8:15pm

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Customization is the name of the game in the world of 3D printing, from one-of-a-kind camera rigs to digitally designed 3D-printed clothing. Hong Kong fashion studio SHIGO is bringing a whole new level of customization to the world of 3D-printed fashion by actually drawing an entire dress, line by line, with a 3Doodler, the pen that can 3D print structures into thin air. Every millimeter of the dress was hand guided by SHIGO designers, making the dress's intricate seashell design that much more impressive.


The pattern was first printed on cloth and mounted on a mannequin, laying out each loop and shell precisely where it needed to be for the dress to come together. Then, the lines were traced with the 3Doodler, slowly forming the complete, 3D doodled plastic dress.

The dress is the first of its kind, and SHIGO tackled the project because "few people use it for fashion and absolutely no one use it to create clothing," according to the product description. The experiment inspires visions of a post-clothing future where the world spontaneously draws its outfits every morning, and fashion evolution happens on a day to day basis.

Below watch a short video of the meticulous making-of process, as well as some great glamor shots of the dress in action.

Go to SHIGO's website for more of their fashion-forward clothing designs.

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