See Earth’s Biosphere as Abstract, Free-Flowing Forms

Architect and digital artist Navaneeth R. Nair graphically captures the Earth’s complexity.
February 22, 2016, 4:30pm
All images courtesy the artist.

How best to visualize Earth’s biosphere? As gigantic and complex as it is, the task is nearly impossible. Far better to break it down into easily digestible visual components instead of attempting to encapsulate it with words. This is what India-based architect and digital artist Navaneeth R. Nair does with his graphics project, Biosis, a series of digital illustrations focused in on just a few of Earth’s myriad features.

“The concept deals with the graphical expression of biosphere,” Nair tells The Creators Project. “This includes an abstract free flowing-form resembling mountains, seas, caves and canyons, populated with silhouettes of flora and fauna.”

“The base reference image (free-flowing form) is created using Rhino 3D and Grasshopper visual programming platform,” he adds. “The project involves visual programming using architectural software and digital manipulation using Adobe Suites.”

Nair explains on his website that the initial idea for Biosis came from a poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye, as well as his work on The world and the flux, a “free-flowing abstract form—the plastic matter—with beings populated on and around it.”

Click here to see more of Navaneeth R. Nair’s work.


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