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Abstract Artists Channel 'Raw Intuition' in New York

Chuck Manion and Mason Saltarrelli use nature and innovation to make honest art at Turn Gallery.
Chuck Manion. Andia, 2015. Polyurethane and oil on mosquito net. All images courtesy of TURN Gallery

The works of two New York artists, radically different but perfectly compatible, adorn the walls of a small gallery tucked away in the East Village. Though it only opened its doors in January, TURN Gallery has already showcased acclaimed works, like Gosta Peterson's photography and Kimia Ferdowski Kline’s Landscapes For The Hungry. The latest is Raw Intuition, an intimate exhibition showcasing Mason Saltarrelli and Chuck Manion. Gallery owner Annika Peterson discovered the artists and brought them together first for their second show together in Manhattan (the first took place in Montauk). “Growing up in New York City as a kid there was a raw energy to the streets,” she tells The Creators Project. “As a little girl in the 80’s I remember being in Soho with my parents and it wasn’t a mall, but a place where artists seem to just create things. It was raw, it was real. Manion and Saltarrelli have that—they work from the inside out and to me that is power. This is the energy which built TURN and their work hits the mark.”


Mason Saltarrelli. Medicinal Frog, 2015. Gouache, acrylic, china marker, and graphite on paper

Though different in both style and materials, the artists share a common thread: raw intuition. Saltarrelli uses oil, gouache, graphite, and spray on canvases from which he removes any pristine qualities by tinting them and leaving them exposed to the outdoor elements. The shapes he paints are seemingly simple, but upon closer inspection, weave a hypnotic narrative through familiar shapes and colors. Across the room, Manion’s paintings shine as unique constructions. He builds his own frames from found wood and stretches mosquito netting over them, which he then paints with oil or gold leaf. Parts of the netting are uncovered, creating secondary shadow images when displayed on a blank wall.

Together, the artists bring out the best in each other—Manion’s ruggedness and Saltarrelli’s nuance combine to create a gallery atmosphere of intuition, elegance, and honesty.

Chuck Manion. Prussian Blue, 2015. Oil on mosquito net

Mason Saltarrelli. Jazz In Life And Death, 2015. Gouache and graphite on paper

Mason Saltarrelli. Walk In The Park 2, 2014-15. Oil, gouache, china marker and graphite on paper

Chuck Manion. Boy King, 2015. Gold leaf on mosquito net

Raw Intuition is on view until January 30, 2016. Visit TURN Gallery’s website for more information.


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