6 Female GIF Artists You Should Know Now | GIF Six-Pack

Keep an eye on the stunning work these women produce.
August 26, 2016, 4:55pm

Last year for Women's Equality Day, we shouted out six female artists who are making waves in the GIF world, and continued to give them props throughout our weekly GIF Six-Pack. This year marks the first ever official Women's Equality Day as recognized by the US government (thanks, Obama), so we're reviving the tradition by introducing you to six more creative ladies whose work we've never featured before. Expect to see them frequently in this column because we can't get enough of Súa Agapé's psychedelic loops, Amelie Tour's elegant portraits of women, Cream's glitched out drawings, and the rest of the GIF-making crew. Check out their work below.

Súa Agapé


Caitlin Burns

Amelie Tourangeau

Francisca Borzea

Kobie 'Koba' Nieuwoudt

Learn more about the Presidential Proclamation about Women's Equality Day here, and find more women GIF artists on GIPHY.


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