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Tove Agélii's New Music Video is a Hallucinatory Trip Inside 3D Fractals

Animator Patrice Olivier ACARDY takes you through an intricate fractal universe for Tove Agélii's song, "Defense."
January 6, 2015, 9:00pm

Tove Agelii Defence from Patrice Olivier on Vimeo.

From the first second of the new music video for "Defense" by Swedish producer Tove Agélii, the viewer is sucked into a foreign, alien universe with no sense of gravity, time, or physicality. A massive fractal mass designed and animated by French artist Patrice Olivier ACARDY shifts and changes with every dreamy electronic note Agelii sings and plays.


ACARDY's trippy visuals are not unlike the neverending worlds generated by animator Julius Horsthuis, except that where Horsthuis' creations come off like fractal cities or planets, ACARDY's style evokes living organisms dancing and pulsing to the rhythm of Agélii's music. As the video spirals forward, you might feel like scientist Jan Benes in Isaac Asimov's classic intra-body exploration story Fantastic Voyage—that is, if the plot involved about three straight minutes of mesmerizing lucid dreaming.

"Defense" is ACARDY's biggest foray into 3D fractals thus far, but his rich body of work also includes surreal digital illustrations, including these gorgeous galaxy-like abstractions, warped portraits, and GIF art.

Enjoy a few of our favorite moments from "Defense" below.

GIF by Beckett Mufson, viaImages via

Visit ACARDY's Tumblr here to see more of his work.


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