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Watch a Forest Form a Fractalesque Landscape in This Video Art

Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscopic vision of nature in Brenna Murphy's 'centrl~lattice.'
January 15, 2015, 5:00pm

centrl~lattice from Brenna Murphy on Vimeo.

Artist Brenna Murphy, whose past works have included labyrinthine sculptures and a giant morphing wallpaper, is back with a video piece that transforms a trip into the forest into an intricate array of organic and computer-generated images and sounds. Entitled centrl~lattice, the video features footage of verdant green growth getting reflected and translated into kaleidoscopic visuals, complimented by her signature meditation-inspired shapes, which look as much like ornamental mouldings as they do Sanskrit.


The video features in Central~Lattice Tool Array, Murphy's latest show at Upfor Gallery in Portland. Also included in the exhibition are digital collages of Murphy's augmented natural textures, installations that incorporate her unique patterns into larger sculptural frameworks, and a performance by MSHR, Murphy's collaborative effort with artist Birch Cooper. . "The sculptures are models of my net-based works as much as my net-based works are models of my sculptures," Murphy explained to The Creators Project in a past interview.

Immerse yourself in the morphing majesty of Murphy's modified forest above, and below, check out some complementary digital images from her website:

Visit Brenna Murphy's website for more from the artist.

Central~Lattice Tool Array ended on January 10, but has since transformed into MSHR's Resonant Entity Modulator, which features many of the works from Murphy's solo show and is on display through January 17 at Upfor Gallery.


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