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See Unseen Alexander McQueen Footage in a Stunning Tribute

Nick Knight showcases unseen footage of his collaborations with Alexander McQueen in a new video.
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Nick Knight digs into his vast archives to bring us a new video celebrating the life work of the late fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen. Following the opening of the Savage Beauty exhibition at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, the "Bound 2" director and his fashion platform SHOWstudio have released a new tribute to the master designer's storied career. The short film is a stunning illustration of McQueen’s legacy and a powerful symbol of the close relationship between Knight and McQueen, a collaboration and friendship that spanned over 30 years.


In the film, McQueen’s innovative and animalistic dresses take center screen, suspended in space. Models donning McQueen’s extravagant and theatrical designs glitch and shake like broken holograms trapped in surreal loops that could be at home in the opening sequence of an art house-horror masterpiece. The short acts as a sort of add-on to Knight’s tribute film for McQueen, To Lee, With Love, Nick, which was released shortly after the designer's passing in 2010. It channels the challenging and nightmarish aesthetic of McQueen’s work, with visuals that run synonymous with the sense of performance and showmanship embedded in his runway shows.

Head over to SHOWstudio to watch the film in full. In the meantime, check out a few choice screenshots below:


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