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The Otherworldly 3D Art of Bianka Oravecz

The Hungarian-born, Vienna-based artist creates some dynamic CGI works that explore technology, female identity, and micro worlds.
Images courtesy the artist

Far from being a means of creating slightly warped simulations of reality, 3D graphics are fast becoming a means of exploding it and creating vastly different, highly surreal alternate realities. Such is the case with Vienna-based artist Bianka Oravecz, whose CGI works vary from globular-looking masses to crystalline, geological, and fantastical abstract forms.

Incredibly, Oravecz, who describes herself as a “monk living in a dark basement,” only transitioned to 3D art in February of this year, after eight years of working in two-dimensional graphic design. And she only recently began posting her shimmering pastel-infused creations on her Crack Crack Crush Tumblr page.


Conceptually, Oravecz is preoccupied with issues such as technology, female identity, and biology. She’s also into exploring micro and macro worlds, virtual fields, and landscapes. For her, it’s all about playing with forms that cause the observer to see what she calls the “falling apart of meanings.”

For Oravecz, 3D is the present and the future, and the media with the greatest potential. While she employs multiple pieces of software in her work, Oravecz mostly uses Cinema 4D and the Zbrush digital sculpting tool to create the works on Crack Crack Crush.

“It's a virtual blank space waiting to be filled in,” Oravecz tells The Creators Project. “I am interested in creating new, never-before-seen imagery. I am amazed by the developments of the digital age and the global endeavor to mix and blend physical and virtual.”

“I found a huge amount of inspiration in the works of contemporary digital artists all around the world,” Oravecz adds. “And through my journey I found real and never seen friends who I am resonating with, like the artist Pieter Jossa and his blog collective unconscious 3D. I wanted to be as cool as his works when I started.”

While Oravecz is really just beginning her 3D art practice, the new media art world is starting to take notice. Newhive recently recently highlighted her piece Sinking Values on their blog, and a few of her pieces will be exhibited at Superchief gallery in Soho. Oravecz’s next project will be a photo shoot with models dressed like NASA scientists, which she will embellish with 3D graphics of satellites and other technology and objects.


Click here to see more of Bianka Oravecz’s work.


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