Five-Year-Old Celtic Fan Calls Team to Ask for Forgiveness After Missing Home Game

He goes to every game but he had to skip the most recent one because it was his friend's birthday.
October 21, 2016, 2:38pm

There's a story coming out of Scotland that frankly makes me jealous. It's just the type of innocence and naivety that sports punches out of you when you grow up.

Louis Kayes, a five-year-old soccer fan, missed a game at the home stadium of his beloved Celtic last weekend. The kid comes to every home game but had to skip this one. It was his friend's birthday, you see. Life and a party got in the way. We've all been there.

But he felt bad about this. He's a Celtic diehard through and through. They've needed fans like him as they've risen up to atop the table in the Scottish Premier League. Luckily, Celtic beat Motherwell without him.

Still, Kayes had to take ownership of this. No excuses.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland's Kaye Adams programme, [Kayes' mother, Lisa] said: "He was in the living room with my phone and then I heard the voicemail message from Celtic Park saying 'thank you for calling'." Ms Kayes said Louis wanted to speak to the club's manager, Brendan Rodgers, and his favourite player, Celtic captain Scott Brown, to apologise and explain his absence.

"He wanted to let both of them know he'd missed it in case they were looking for him," she said.