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Some Delightful Hippie Named Bill Walton Rubbed Dirt on Himself on Live TV

It was psychedelic, man. Bill Walton and dirt. What's not to like?

In the world of basketball, there exists a hippie who talks on TV, narrating whatever acid flashback is running through his brain. His name is Bill Walton. Thank god for Bill Walton.

Bill Walton has used his position as commentator to go on rants about America's weed policy, talk about the birthdays of peace and love—which he confoundingly celebrated in the "peaceful, relaxing meadows of Las Vegas" ("meadows?!")—and to randomly ask his fellow commentator, "have you ever been to a volcano?" And just last night, Bill Walton went and rubbed Temecula (California) dirt on himself on national TV—all while broadcasting a basketball game between Arizona and Oregon. It was absolutely delightful.

Bill Walton introduced the concept to his perennial straight man Dave Pasch during last Saturday's game between Arizona and Cal, and you could witness Pasch writhe in discomfort as Bill Walton opened up the can of dirt, poured some out, and briskly rubbed himself with it. Pasch just shook his head, repeating "Don't, don't" and "no, no"—meanwhile, the fans behind them just stared on in amused disbelief. Shortly thereafter, Bill Walton made a mention of the game's "green room guys" who "went from green to psychedelic tie dye."

Bill Walton's world is vibrant, and he's happy to invite us into it.