Marquette King Punts a Football Into a Basketball Hoop Because He's Really Good

Whoever put basketball hoops on the goal posts only added to the already State Fair-feeling to Pro Bowl weekend.
January 27, 2017, 11:05pm

— Marquette King (@MarquetteKing) January 27, 2017

Ah, Pro Bowl weekend is here again, the time when sports fans politely ignore what is inarguably the worst of the major leagues' all-star setups. As if this past season wasn't already boring enough, we now have a game that features watered-down rules, eliminates blitzes and all but bans tackling, and excludes players from the league's two best teams in a showcase of… passing accuracy against poor coverage?

Anyway, if there's a redeeming quality to Pro Bowl weekend, it's maybe (maybe) the circus-like buildup to the actual game itself. It can be kind of hokey, but no one's getting hurt, everyone appears to be enjoying themselves, and every now and then, some good old fashioned fun emerges. For instance there's Alex Smith being terrible at dodgeball, or Odell Beckham Jr. actually being able to celebrate in the end zone. Or, if you want to get weird, there's the above clip of Raiders punter Marquette King being an absolute boss at punting footballs.

Whoever put basketball hoops on the goal posts added to the very strong State Fair vibes that cling to the Pro Bowl run-up, but all that goofiness doesn't make it any less astonishing to see Marquette nail a 20-yard perfect swoosh by means of an extremity that doesn't have opposable thumbs. Footsketball may not be a sport during any week but this one, but during Pro Bowl weekend we all must make some exceptions, and look for the good stuff wherever we can find it.